French Beans

Also known as fine beans, these pods are a great source of proteins, calcium, carbohydrates, healthy fats, irons and vitamins. They grow in diverse ecological zones in the fertile Kenyan soils and favorable equatorial climate. Our farms are spread throughout different regions to meet the steady demand of this precious commodity in all seasons. We produce fine, superfine and extra fine qualities and pack them accordingly for our clients.


These protein rich legumes have numerous nutritional benefits. They include sugar snaps and snow peas. Sugar snaps and snow peas for export usually thrive in high-altitude areas and cool climates for the best quality.


These hot aromatic spices are great antioxidants and rich in vitamin C. They also assist in digestion. Kenya has a wide range of fresh chilies for export and processing, which include: long cayenne, Bullet chilis, sweet peppers (colored capsicum), Habanero, Hot demon chilies, African bird eye chilies among others.