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Joyfresh is a leading fresh produce exporter. As a driving force in food production excellence, our company has grown to become a major stakeholder in the global supply of fresh produce from Kenya. We are recognized as a major exporter in fresh fruits and vegetables export to European and Middle East countries. Anchored in food safety and quality fresh produce, Joyfresh is committed to provision of excellent products to our clients.

In addition to our farms, we have partnered with numerous small-holder farmers from strategic regions to ensure steady and quality supply all-year-round. We are fully involved in the entire farm to fork process by sourcing the planting materials and inputs, technical support, grading, packaging and warehousing.


Our committed team of experts are at every level to ensure that we adhere to the Global Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Food Safety Measures, ethical working conditions and recommended packaging requirements. 

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Joy Fresh Produce offers Farming, Processing, Packaging, Processing and Exporting of Kenyan Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.

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